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Dark Mother represents life, death, earth, sexuality, and deep transformational energy. She has been associated with nurturing, birthing, caring for children, the sick, the elderly, and the dying.

The Dark Mother Goddess fills you with feminine, yin strength, she allows you your OWN sense of wholeness and Magick. With this energy, you are a separate individual – not dependent on another; man or child. This divine energy allows you to stand in your own power of Yes and No. Strong standing, able to negate, and firmly grounded. You can destroy or create, and you know this powerful source is radiating from within.

In hoodoo, Skulls represent MORE than JUST darkness and death. Please, unlearn that!!!! Skulls are known to represent transcendence, transformation, divine mystery, magic, portals, the spirit realm, protection and the ancestors.

Black Tourmaline crystal means grounding and protection. When you begin to tap into the sacred divine path of the Dark Mother, protection is key. You are powerful more than ever now, protect that and ground within. Do not allow ANYONE to steal your magick, potency, or power. PROTECT YOUR INNER-G.

If you are looking to tap into a Higher Power/Realm, Sexuality, and Divine Meticulous Awareness, this is the necklace for you! Limited Supply due to this being a Fall drop.

Black Tourmaline to protect, block negative energies, a very grounding energy

Black Chord

Silver Detailing

4 Skulls Charm


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