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Reading Offerings

Reading Offerings

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General Readings

Do you find yourself wanting a better understanding of why you feel, sense, and move the way you do? Do you want to know how to connect within? Do you want a deeper connection with your Ancestors? Or, a connection with Spirit?

These readings will open space to venerate your spirit guides and Ancestors. The reading will allow you to become more spiritually aware. A spiritual awakening and shift may happen.

Sessions last for 30 minutes. 

The Dreamers Path

Are you looking for guidance and insights into your dreams? Our dream interpretation tarot reading service offers a unique and personalized experience for clients seeking clarity and understanding within the Dream Realm. This service will help you explore the deep symbolism and messages hidden within your dreams, providing you with valuable insights on how to dive deeper than just "face value"! Overall, this session will be sure to provide guidance to navigate your Soul journey. Book a session  today to unlock the mysteries of your dreams and gain a deeper understanding of Self.

Sessions last for 30 minutes. 

NOTE: READINGS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE‼️Please book with your FULL NAME , EMAIL & TELEPHONE NUMBER. The zoom link will be sent via your email. 

✨LATE/NO SHOW POLICY✨: if you miss your scheduled slot, you will have to re-book your session! If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be marked as a no show and therefore you will also have to re-book your session! 

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