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Sangre de Drago

Sangre de Drago

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Dragon's Blood Oil is one of the MOST powerful conjure oils and is known to be very effective for attraction, protection, love, power, and cleansing. The dark blood red resin comes from the Dracaena Cinnabari tree native to Yemen near the Arabian Sea.  According to some ancient folk tales, it is said to hold the power to enable shapeshifting. 


Banishes negative energy and people
Divine protection to you and your sacred space(s)
Attracts love and strengthen current relationship
Enhances the power of spell work and rituals

There are MANY ways you can use Sangre de Drago. It can be dabbed on amulets and talismans or used on important papers or documents to intensify the powers. Place a few drops in every corner of your business and/or home for protection and to banish negative energy. Add to any ritual to increase its potency. Anoint on ritual tools and/or your altar for an increase of power.

*Can be worn, or used in spell work.

It comes in a 30ml glass bottle.

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