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Mind, Body, Spirit Consultation

Mind, Body, Spirit Consultation

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A Mind, Body, Spirit Consultation is great for those seeking to:

  • Improve immune function, energy levels, cognitive health, digestive health, quality of sleep, etc.

  • Birth Chart Interpretation
  • Yoga plans for specific chakra imbalances
  • Herbal Supplementation
  • Reduce stress and toxic waste in the body

  • Weight loss
  • Infertility Support
  • Learn more about holistic health, positive lifestyle changes, and how to improve health, the HOLISTIC way!


How does it work?

Bianca identifies daily life imbalances that are at the root of what is keeping you from
being at your highest self and flourishing. Bianca will seek to recognize patterns in these imbalances and develop a personalized Strategic Health Plan just for you using her vast education and experience with a holistic lifestyle approach.

Additionally, Bianca is well educated in the field of holistic health, and has dedicated a lot of time and energy as a student of nature to understand universal laws within the spiritual human experience. Additionally, Bianca prides herself on being self-taught within the field of Fertility, womb healing, herbal wellness, and an extensive background in the field of Psychology and Sociology.

Within your FREE Strategic Health Plan, Bianca will address your specific imbalances with a holistic approach, introduction to shadow work, nutritional information, herbal supplementation, detoxification, lifestyle adjustments, sacred body movements (yoga) specific to certain chakra imbalances, and kick start your body’s true and natural self-healing process! 

Why is Holistic consultations better than the average Therapy one-on-one sessions or taking a trip to the doctor?

Bianca went to East Carolina University where she obtained a degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. From there, Bianca deployed to Kuwait with the US Military as a Medic and Physical Therapy Assistant and learned an extensive amount of information in regards to the physical body and healing through movement. She then went on to study in the field of Mental Health Clinical Counseling at North Carolina A&T State University. Here, she learned that although Clinical Counseling can be a big help for many African Americans there is ONE big part this is missing. Many therapists or clinicians typically cannot operate outside their certification and because of that, they are only looking at the mind aspect and leaving off the body and spirit. On the other hand, she learned throughout the military as a Medic that doctors and nurses only look to PHYSICAL symptoms of your current state. These well "trained" individuals may leave off the fact that we are spiritual beings going throughout a human experience and we will have various root causes that will lead to dis-EASE in the mind, body, and spirit. Just looking to physical symptoms may miss key parts in the healing process of this said individual. Keep in mind that MEDICAL ERRORS is the #3 TOP way to die in America. Often times these physicians are operating from the lens of Big Pharma (YES, you can look this up, start with (John D. Rockefeller!) and do not really care to ACTUALLY provide correct information as well as help. To me and within my theory this is essentially lying and people die day in and day out because of it. It truly is NOT okay to leave people out of the loop and going through this vicious cycle. Additionally, the "medicine" used contains various chemicals and strong synthetic toxins that cause odd side effects which tend to be even WORSE than the initial dis-EASE in the body. 

- Typically these consultations will be done remotely via Facetime or Zoom. However, individuals can book locally for a face-to-face and more personal consultation for no extra fee $! 

- Consultation time: 45 MINS

LATE POLICY: if you are more than 10 minutes late the initial session will cancel. And the second session will have to be rescheduled. After 2 failed sessions, you will have to re-purchase another slot for the full price to have another session. 

PLEASE BE SURE THERE IS A 24-HR advance notification before booking. I do not accept same day bookings! If you do, you will be notified and another day will have to be scheduled to honor this 24 HOUR POLICY.

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