Goddess Indigo Shy

Goddess Indigo Shy

The first Goddess that I would like to highlight is Goddess Indigo Shy. Ever since our first Pole session back in 2023, I knew this Goddess was something serious, a force...I knew she would flourish rapidly. She came to class ready to work hard and learn as much as she could! In our first session alone she tackled Musicality, and Flow so well. 

Below are her words detailing her connection to Sensuality and all that it has done for her. She says: 

"Personally, pleasure is our birthright- we’re literally created from 2 souls experiencing pleasure. Growing up, I was shamed of out pleasure in many forms- from experiencing sexual traumas to being religiously shamed about the natural sexual functions of my body, and later in life, my sexuality. Another form of pleasure that I, and many other children alike, was shamed out of was my ability to make life as enjoyable as possible.

That’s something that children do without thinking- it’s our instinct. As we get older, in this society, we move further from our ‘gut-feeling’ of just flowing to a more systematic ‘totally logical’ way of thinking- the irony is that more ‘logic’, took me further from truth- pleasure is my birthright.

Regaining pleasure in my life has extended beyond the bedroom, I have been using the power of spoken word, music, & dance to share my energy with the collective. Reminding all of us that we are meant to enjoy & be pleasured by life- think of food that you make with love- it feeds your spirit more than ‘fast-food’; life shouldn’t be fast & serious, the slow pleasurable moments are the ones that stick with us- the ones that make us whole!"

She also goes on mentioning what this Program has done for her in terms of showing up to our Sensual Workshops. 

"DIVINE Sessions Everytime!!!

I have booked 2 sessions with Bianca, in-person then virtual. After the first truly divine & awakening session, I purchased my own in-home pole within a week! The services that are provided extended beyond just pole dancing & allow you to deeply connect with your divine feminine- leading you to carry this energy throughout every aspect of your life! The virtual sessions are a great way to connect with this wonderful Goddess & then continue to practice & expand upon this session in the comfort of your own home! 10/10 I Totally recommend!!!!" 

Since then she has been able to take 5+ workshops with Bee's Hidden Gems, these workshops have helped shaped her into the Goddess that she is today. The powers of BOTH Pole Work + Sensuality has allowed her to perform as a Multi-dimensional performer! Yes, you heard me...she is not only a Sensual Performer, but she also incorporates her Poetry AND Singing! During her performances you can see her not only bless the stage with her erotic flows, but she also has opened space to incorporate her Spoken Word AND Singing as well. Indigo Shy is a TRUE God-IS. She has performed locally and most recently she has been accepted into her FIRST ever out of state showcase! This is what happens when you take time to truly embody the Art of Pleasure. You can open a NEW dimension, a NEW reality...you can even shift timelines and RE-CREATE YOU! 

Be sure to connect with her platforms down below to support her. Be sure to follow her on IG to see when her next performance is! Thank you x100000 444 trusting Bee's Hidden Gems, and awakening this Goddess power within you, to uplift and heal the Collective Conscious...YOU ARE A STAR! 



IG: @indigo.shy & @thediamond_lucy

LINKS: https://linktr.ee/indigo.shy


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