How Sensual Energy Heals The Womb?

How Sensual Energy Heals The Womb?

Our womb holds the key to our deepest intuition as wombman and has the power to unlock a sense of fullness and pleasure in our lives. Our wombs are located directly within the Sacral Chakra. When we connect to our yonis, we heal our womb and reclaim our own divinity. By working with the divine feminine, both DARK and LIGHT, AND the energy of Shakti we are able to find deep healing, pleasure and empowerment within all areas of our lives. 

Yoni translates to ‘sacred space’ in Sanskrit. It includes the womb, genitals and entire female reproductive system. Our yonis are essential to our experience of femininity as it is the primary store house for our feminine energy, eroticism and deepest intuition. When there is an imbalance within this space it may manifests as difficulties such as PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and even cancers! 

Womb healing can allow us to find release on ALL levels of our being. The healing needed may be physical (eg. releasing scar tissue, physical trauma) it may be energetic, (eg. memories of past lovers) or it could be emotional (feelings and sadness may suddenly arise). Luckily, imbalances can be balanced and released through many forms of sacral healing such as, breath work, dancing, womb activation, yoni steaming, and even yoga. The yoni is a highly receptive and absorptive space. When we learn to release our yonis and wombs on every level, we find healing for our deepest selves. 

In Tantra different parts of the body are energetically ‘charged.’ The womb space is the yin/negative/receptive pole of the female body. Our Yonis are therefore highly receptive spaces. They can absorb and store experiences, especially those related to our femininity, sensuality, and even sexuality. 

As divine feminine beings, it is SO important that we have a DEEP connection with our yonis. The yoni is a portal of life giving energy - YES, read it again! Let this be a reminder to Honor your SACRED space, do not shame her, do not hide her, do not punish her. When something is sacred you take care of it, pay attention to it, honor and nurture it. Spend some time self pleasuring in a sacred way- light a candle, burn some incense, and be sure to always take your time. Do a sacred yoni dance, or yoni steam, however you feel connected to her, do that, and do it OFTEN! 

How to channel your sensual energy?

Sensual energy is a flow of natural and powerful energy that syncs with confidence, pleasure, and sensuality. It is an embodied experience that can be felt through our senses and experiences. Meditation, movement, dance, and yoga. All of which involve an intentional and mindful connection with your temple, and soul. Bring awareness to your breath, and create a flow of energy throughout your body to enhance self-expression. These practices help us to commit to self-love ultimately prioritizing our own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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