How Do Crystals Work?

How Do Crystals Work?

To deeply understand how crystals work, we have to revisit the past!


Melanated people have BEEN using the inherent beauty in Mother Nature's minerals to adorn ourselves.


The Ancient Kemetians, or Egyptians were not shy about showing their spiritual connection to crystals. Our ancestors built monumental pyramids out of Granite and limestone. Additionally, they wrapped and buried loved-ones with Quartz over the third eye to in order to help with with navigation in the after-life. 


Crystals were also embedded into our spiritual tools like scepters, thrones, and crowns in order to activate and balance the KHAT, KA, and BA energies within our bodies. The physical body of a man, and a mummy, was called the Khat. The KA was a person's double, sort of an invisible twin, which supposedly lived in the body until death. BA simply means the soul or personality of the soul.

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