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Vonnii’s Sacred Adornment is here. Adorn your waist with Qetesh, a beautiful handmade waistbead featuring orange and gold beads, with carnelian crystal accents. 

Qetesh is a goddess of Semetic origin. She was worshipped as a nature goddess, and a goddess of sacred ecstasy and sexual pleasure.

The color orange is often associated with spiritual practices including meditation, compassion, and sensuality.

Gold is illuminating, sacred, and durable; it is precious. It is almost universally associated with the SUN, or the highest stage in spiritual development.

Traditional made to order, hand crafted waist beads. Strung on durable thread.

Size Guide : 

Standard 45 Inches (Approx. size 0-16 Pants)

Standard Extended 60 inches (Approx. size 18-24+ Pants)

Please measure your waist in inches before placing your order to ensure correct sizing.

If additional inches are needed, please email your name and order number to ⚡️

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