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Purity is what I call Carolina Water, similar to Florida Water, Purity is a REAL 190-PROOF alcohol based cleansing cologne- HOMEmade in The Carolinas with love. Set with the intent to cleanse and purify. The herbs used in creating this cleansing cologne is from my PERSONAL garden.

Manifest purification, cleansing, and protection for yourself. You can use Purity in your bathwater, floor washes, ritual magick, or anything you may need cleansing and protection for. You can also simply wear Purity on your clothes, headscarves, and body to ensure protection throughout the day.

Purity is made with a sacred recipe by Bianca.

*1313 is the angel number closely associated with deep hope. It is also a sign that your Angels are with you and want to support you in all your earthly endeavors. 1313 encourages you to keep on keeping on and push through any obstacles that may present themselves along your journey. 

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