Pleasure 222 Pro$perity

Pleasure 222 Pro$perity



'Pleasure 222 Pro$perity' is Bee's Hidden Gems most recent Sensual Embodiment program. This program includes networking, workshops, and highlighting the success of Goddesses from the Program walking in their power of Pleasure. 

Why Pleasure? And Why is it so important in regards to Pro$perity? 

The energy of pleasure is EXTREMELY high in vibration. This sacred magick within, allows you to unlock your manifestation power and reclaim the power of creation that is inherently within you. Pleasure is essentially an Embodied Manifestation. As a Wombman, connecting to your Portal DEEPLY, allows you to INSTANTLY connect with your desires, and passions. When you take the steps to elevate your self-pleasure to a more intentional, embodied, and sacred practice, you WILL unlock access to more clarity, confidence, and an abundance of creativity! 

Growing up...I was taught to shame Pleasure rather than embrace it. Keeping these social structures into my late adulthood was becoming atrocious...especially after the birth of my child. Because of past mental constructs I had adopted, Pleasure seemed like such a distant ideology at the time. Journeying back Earth side from giving Birth was a HUGE spiritual wake up call. I was lacking pleasure, I no longer felt connected to the life I knew at the time. I was ALWAYS in my LIGHT energy..and I truly went through a season of darkness and tests to better innerstand 'Law of Duality'. I needed a change. My darkness needed a healthy space to release. My journey was calling for Balance. It's like my insides were dying and I didn't have anything unique to create. It was then, in 2022, when I was led to take my first ever Private Pole Lessons in Greensboro, NC. I had to face my belief of not being worthy, full pleasure, or full of prosperity. I had to release the belief that I didn't deserve my OWN pleasure. In the past, I had told myself I was "too Spiritual", "it's demonic" or, "I shouldn't be acting like this..I'm a Mother now." But honestly, I was truly walking around with darkness, doubt, and shame. This projected into my beliefs about my body and my confidence lacked greatly because of this. Life then became a reflection of how I felt within. 

'Pleasure 222 Pro$perity' was created during a challenging time in my life. But, I was able to pull through in healing my Pleasure Center, the Yoni. I learned to listen to her more...I had ultimately learned to work with my sensual/sexual energy, which activated my creativity, my voice, my desires, and some amazing opportunities! The past version of myself used to belittle and demonize this very aspect of my own life in others, and in doing so, I took a HUGE ego trip. I learned to no longer hide my Pleasure and my Truth, but rather embrace it, because it is a part of me. There is no need to hide how The Creator, created me. This energy has taken me from the Strip Club, to being booked for Local Artistry events, and to now traveling all over the United States to perform as a Seductive High Priestess, alluring big crowds, and attracting prosperity through my Feminine Magnetism.

'Pleasure 222 Pro$perity' allowed me to shift from survival to creative mode, and that is the place where I stopped focusing on how to save, and started to ask myself: how can I help and how can I earn more? This last year has been full of celebrations, breakthroughs, and huge manifestations. It turns out I CAN experience self-pleasure, attract more abundance. Pleasure IS your birth-right. Let this be your reminder, that you deserve Wealth + Luxuries JUST like our Royal Moorish Ancestors. 

Who is this program intended for? 

Anyone who wants more pleasure, joy, and abundance in their life. Goddesses who have experienced some pleasure and are ready to turn their pleasure into power and integrate their pleasure into their purpose. 

How do we join?

Join the 'Pleasure 222 Pro$perity' Sensual Embodiment Program by joining our Sensual Workshops. These workshops will help you become a High Priestess of pleasure, embodying your inner witchy, bitchy, naughty, luxurious, divine self for the good of all as we transform and uplift the Frequencies of the Collective Consciousness.

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