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Hey my loves, 

I got started with Bee's Hidden Gems because there was a sudden push for more in my life. I had the feeling that I was capable of doing more than just a 9 to 5 and going to school. During my childhood, I always had the ability to create anything I put my mind to. I often stayed to myself with not much to keep my mind engaged but my creativity. Throughout my adulthood however, I lost connection with that and began to struggle terribly. I experienced heavy heart palpitations and anxiety. Due to heavy stressors in my work life, working full time and even working in the military part-time AND going to grad school! BABY, I WAS TIRED. I then had my first miscarriage in April 2021 due to this imbalance within my temple. Spiritually, I knew SOMETHING need to change, and QUICKLY! Furthermore, I was VERY overweight, and I HATED my life and myself - pushing me into a pit of darkness. 

It was during my first miscarriage that I truly felt LOST. I did not know what was going on with my body! I went to multiple doctors with NO help...It was a very scary situation. So, I decided to empower myself with knowledge of the body. Thus, came  V's Hidden Gems, now known as Bee's Hidden Gems. It was my way of finding the light in such a dark time. I began to study my Ancestors' achievements and their many fights against oppression during their generations specifically within the scope of Healthcare for the community. During a time where Black people were not even allowed to go to the doctors, my Ancestors knew the power of herbs and how to cultivate the land to make their own natural medicine! Being self-taught in Herbalism, has been a very rewarding process as I was then able to kickstart my Mend Collection dedicated to healing the African Body. Herbs saved my life, when today’s doctors couldn’t…and it is my hope to inspire you all to start your Holistic Wellness Journey. So far, I have lost roughly 45 pounds and I now live a happier life internally and externally. As within so without.

My main passion has always been healing the mind, hence why I went to school to study Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. However, my Ancestors took me right out of graduate school and led me to the many ways to heal through natural elements found on Earth. I am very fond of the use of crystals, plants, herbs, and other earth elements to heal the mind, body, spirit, and soul - just as my great Ancestors did. 

As the owner of Bee's Hidden Gems I now seek to spread the healing properties of Earth's elements to the overall collective, and accompany many on their spiritual journey! 

If there are any questions, please feel free to DM me on IG or email me! 


IG: @beeshiddengems

TIKTOK: @beeshiddengems

email: info@beeshiddengems.com






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Nature’s Oasis helped me out so much. I’m ordering more this week.


Love this website! It has grown so much.


Greetings Queen-Goddess. Thanks you for teaching/helping many. Please keep shining.


Greetings Queen-Goddess. Thanks you for teaching/helping many. I wish to attend your next Intro to Herbs on-line class.
I read about your January (?) class on IG where you also mentioned a March class. But I suspect I have missed that one to.
Please share next dates and a link for registtration. Thanks. M


I love this website! High quality products!


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